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The Azalea Society of America has begun publishing information about azalea species and cultivars on our website. One step is collecting pictures of azaleas. We are using a separate azalea pictures website for these pictures.

 azalea pictures
You can see a full list of azalea names arranged alphabetically, some with links to their pictures, starting at the azalea index page. You can see lists of azalea names arranged by hybrid group, most with descriptions and some with links to their pictures at the hybrid groups and related pages. Finally, you can browse the pictures directly at the azalea pictures website, where they are arranged by type of azalea and/or hybrid group, and then alphabetically.

Members of the Azalea Society are invited to publish their digital pictures of azaleas for the azalea pictures website. The primary contact for this website is Dave Banks. Upon request, he will upload a few pictures for you if you attach them to an email addressed to him—any file size and any picture size at least 640x480 pixels is fine, and he will edit the pictures to meet the site guidelines. The pictures are organized into galleries of like pictures, so if it isn't obvious where they go, tell him in the email where to put them, and always include their names, who took them, where they were taken, and the dates they were taken.

One of the primary purposes for these pictures is to give us all a better idea of their appearance than the written descriptions can provide. To accomplish that requires multiple pictures of the same plant, including:
- a picture of the flower face, showing the most common color pattern;
- similar pictures of the color variations (especially important for Satsuki);
- a picture of the flower from the side, showing its flare and calyx;
- a picture of the spray, showing the arrangement of the flowers;
- a picture of the foliage;
- a picture of the plant, showing its size and habit; and
- a picture of the plant in a landscape.

If you have a lot of pictures to add, or if you have an urge to do it yourself, the picture website page describes how to use its many controls to do that.

 picture editing
A digital picture, whether taken by a digital camera, or by a film camera and scanned, needs to be edited for use on the web:
- the picture size should be around 640 x 480 pixels at 72 pixels per inch;
- it probably should be sharpened to correct the typically "soft" pictures produced by digital cameras;
-it should be saved as a JPEG file compressed enough to give a file size of 60KB or less;
- the EXIF information about exposure and date added by the digital camera should be saved with the picture.
There is more information about this on the picture website page.

These are simple edits which many different picture editing programs can perform. One such program is GraphicConverter for the Macintosh. Our GraphicConverter page describes its use in sharpening, resizing and compressing pictures for use on the picture website.

Some of that information may also be useful with other picture editing programs, such as PhotoShop, or the shareware IrfanView program for Windows.

Questions? Comments? Email Dave Banks.

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Updated May 31, 2015

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