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 2008 azalea seed list - ALL SOLD OUT     seed list | orders | notes || related pages

Scroll down to view the seed list online.
Click here to download the seed list as a comma separated text file (5KB file) suitable for loading into a spreadsheet.

A crossed out number such as 132 shows that seed lot has been sold out and should not be ordered.

  #?Parents: seed x pollen? Type? Plant? Contributor? Location? Notes? 
101'Gorin Nishiki' x 'Tensho-no-hikari'  HP  evgBob GarriottCross of two highly striped satsuki azaleas
102'Groundhog' (Mezitt) x 'Doctor James Dippel' (Schroeder)  HP  evgJohn & Sally Perkins
103Joan Adcock hybrid   OP   decK. GohringFuchsia/Raspberry
104Joan Adcock hybrid   OP  decK. GohringHybrid Mix
105Joan Adcock hybrid R.canescens x R. flammeum  HP  decK. GohringHuge Pink with touch of Yellow
106Native Hybrid Mix  OP  decK. GohringCherokee Co. GA
107Native Mix  CW  decJ. BrownBRPkwy MP 437
108Native Mix  OP  decCollins/BrownHenry Skinner garden
109R. alabamense  OP  decLarry Mucci
110R. alabamense 'Schwind's Yellow'  HP  decMike CreelMike Creel gardenSelfed
111R. amagianum  OP  decMcCarter/BrownJackson McCarter garden
112R. atlanticum x R. periclymenoides  OP  decLarry MucciWhite; very fragrant
113R. atlanticum  OP  decLarry Mucci
114R. austrinum  OP  decLarry Mucci
115R. calendulaceum   OP  decK. GohringHooper Bald NC
116R. calendulaceum   OP  decK. GohringFannon Co GA
117R. calendulaceum   OP  decMcCarter/BrownWayah Bald NC
118R. calendulaceum   CW  decPace/BrownPace Bald NCPace #5
119R. calendulaceum   OP  decPace/BrownPace Bald NCPace #1
120R. calendulaceum   OP  decA. CookAvery County NC
121R. calendulaceum   CW  decLarry MucciHooper Bald NC Several Plants
122R. calendulaceum   CW  decLarry MucciCraggy Gardens NC
123R. canescens  OP  decK. GohringCherokee Co. GA
124R. canescens  HP  decMike CreelWilliamsburg Co. SCLate blooming form
125R. catawbiense  CW  eleLarry MucciCraggy Gardens NC
126R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red' x 'Millennium' (Mezitt)  HP  decJohn & Sally PerkinsPerkins garden
127R. cumberlandense 'orange ASA' x R. alabamense 'Nancy Calloway'  HP  decJohn & Sally PerkinsPerkins garden
128R. eastmanii  OP  decK. GohringNewberry; SC
129R. eastmanii 'Meadow' x R. eastmanii 'North Wall'  HP  decMike CreelMike Creel gardenGood examples of R. eastmanii
130R. eastmanii 'North Wall' x R. eastmanii 'Meadow'  HP  decMike CreelMike Creel gardenreciprocal cross from above
131R. flammeum  OP  decK. GohringCherokee Co. GA
132R. flammeum  OP  decLarry Mucci
133R. flammeum 'Brick Ruffles' x R. flammeum 'Denmark Bluff'  OP  decMike CreelMike Creel gardenorange ruffled form x deep red form
134R. flammeum 'Clyde Crosby ' x R. flammeum 'Tower Branch'  OP  decMike CreelMike Creel gardenClyde Crosby named for father-in-law deepest red
135R. flammeum 'Denmark Bluff' x R. flammeum 'Brick Ruffles'  OP  decMike CreelMike Creel gardenReciprocal cross from above
136R. flammeum 'Edisto Redhead ' x R. flammeum 'Wavering1'  OP  decMike CreelMike Creel garden
137R. flammeum 'Springfield' x R. flammeum 'Tampa Branch'  OP  decMike CreelMike Creel gardenBoth plants good oranges
138R. flammeum 'Tower Blaze' x R. flammeum  OP  decMike CreelMike Creel gardenTower Blaze upright fastigiate good orange red
139R. kaempferi 'Halifax Hardy seedling' (coral) x 'Pink Discovery' (Mezitt)  HP  evgJohn & Sally PerkinsPerkins garden
140R. luteum 'Golden Comet' x R. calendulaceum 'Cherokee'  HP  decJohn & Sally PerkinsPerkins garden
141R. maximum  OP  eleK. GohringFannon Co GA
142R. periclymenoides  OP  decLarry MucciSeed from single plant
143R. prunifolium  OP  decCollins/BrownHaag garden 'Haag's Late Red'
144R. prunifolium 'Early Prune' x R. prunifolium 'David Ellis'  OP  decMike CreelMike Creel gardenEarly form crossed with multiple bud form
145R. prunifolium 'Weston's Pink' x 'Weston's Firecracker'  HP  decJohn & Sally PerkinsPerkins garden
146R. sanctum  OP  decMcCarter/BrownJackson McCarter garden
147R. vaseyi  CW  decJ. BrownPilot Mt. NC
148R. vaseyi 'April's Rose'  CW  decCollins/BrownBRPkwy MP 492
149R. vaseyi 'John's Dark'  CW  decJ. BrownPilot Mt. NC
150R. vaseyi  OP  decLarry Mucci
151R. viscosum 'Red Tip' x 'Golden Showers' (Mezitt)  HP  decJohn & Sally PerkinsPerkins garden
152R. viscosum ***NOT x R. prunifolium 'Weston's Pink'  HP  decJohn & Sally PerkinsPerkins garden ***NOT is fragrant; pink w/yellow eye; probably arborescens x prunifolium; blooms very late
153R. yakushimanum hybrids  OP  eleA. CookCook gardenSeed from plants hybridized by Fred & Jean Minch
  #?Parents: seed x pollen?Type?Plant? Contributor?Location?Notes?

Orders will be filled only for contributors or Azalea Society members before the end of April. Starting May 1, orders will be filled for anyone.

Use the seed number in the first column of the seed list to identify the seed on your order (a crossed out number such as 132 shows that seed lot is sold out and should not be ordered). You may order only one envelope of one seed number per order, although you may order any number of envelopes of different seeds. If the seed you ordered is not available, we will use our judgement to make a substitution, unless you tell us "no substitutions".

Orders can be placed by an e-mail to Aaron Cook or by a letter addressed to
ASA Seed Exchange
804 Piedmont Ave
Valdese NC 28690-3161
All seed not distributed before the annual convention will be offered for sale there.

Seed is packaged approximately 50 seeds in a #1 coin envelope, at a cost of $2.00 per envelope. Shipping and handling costs are an additional $3.00 per total order. Seed orders will be sent by first class mail.

Seed orders can be paid for with checks made out to "ASA" with "seed exchange" on the memo line, or by a credit card payment through PayPal sent to with "seed exchange" in the accompanying email.

Payment must accompany the order. Refunds will not be made for less than $4.00.

# - the seed order number. Please use this number to identify the seed on your order. Note that a crossed out number such as 132 shows that seed lot is sold out and should not be ordered.

Parents: seed x pollen - the name of the seed parent first, followed by an "x" and the pollen parent if known (that is, hand pollinated).
• (Parentheses) enclose the parent names of complex crosses, e.g. ('Golden Showers' x 'Lollipop') x R. cumberlandense.
• click a linked plant name to see one or more pictures of that plant in a new window (click the next link on the picture to see if there are more pictures; click the close box on the picture to return to the seed list).

Type (of pollination) - cw = collected wild; op = open pollinated (unknown pollen parent); hp = hand pollinated.

Plant - evg = evergreen azalea; dec = deciduous azalea; azd = azaleodendron; lep = lepidote (scaly, little-leaf) rhododendron; ele = elepidote (non-scaly, big-leaf) rhododendron; oth = other plant

Contributor - name of the person or organization contributing the seed.

Location - the geographic area where the seed was collected, such as the city and state, the county and state, or the place name such as Wayah Bald NC.

Notes - any further information provided by the contributor about the plant or the seed.

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Updated May 20, 2008

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