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2009 Azalea Seed List  2009 azalea seed list     seed list | orders | notes || related pages

The seed lots are in alphabetic order by seed parent name.
Click here to download the seed list as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (52KB file).

A crossed out number such as 132 shows that seed lot has been sold out and should not be ordered.

  #?Parents: seed x pollen?   Type? Plant? Contributor?  Notes? 
106319-49 (Back Acres)  op  evgWillhiteselfed or crossed with 325-49 (Back Acres)
101'Acrobat' (Glenn Dale)  op  evgWillhitelikely selfed; plant is isolated
102'Admiral Semmes' (Dodd)  op  decPerkins
103'Anita Keummels' (Dodd)  op  decCreellarge pure yellow near other austrinum x Exbury hybrids
104'Ann Marie' (Sommerville)  op  decSommerville
105'Aromi Sunrise'  op  decCreellarge yellow/orange near other austrinum x Exbury hybrids
107'Canobie Candela'* (=x cumberlandense)  op  decPerkins
108'Canobie Candy'* x R. periclymenoides purple; white blotch  hp  decPerkins
109'Canobie Candy'*  op  decPerkins
110'Canobie Coochecoo'* (xNacoochee Princess)  op  decPerkins
135'Canobie Fireworks'*  op  decPerkins 'July Jester' x R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red'
111'Canobie Frosting'* (prinophyllum op)  op  decPerkins
112'Choptank River'*  op  decPerkins
113'Col. Mosby' (Dodd)  op  decCreellarge orange/red near R. calendulaceum 'Flat Rock Red'
114'Corneille' (double flowered Ghent) x 'Sylphides' (pink Knap Hill)  hp  decWillhite
301'Deni's Delight' (Stelloh)  op  decStellohop Choptank hybrid; light yellow; fragrant; 'Choice Cream' nearby
226'Ed Egan' (Sommerville)  op  decSommerville
115'Elizabeth Lane' (Sommerville)  op  decSommerville
116'Framingham' (Weston)  op  decPerkins
117Ghent azalea 'Fern Gully #GH 001'*  op  decWillhitelikely selfed or crossed with Fern Gully #GH 015
118Ghent azalea 'Fern Gully #GH 015'*  op  decWillhitelikely selfed or crossed with Fern Gully #GH 001
119('Gibraltar' x 'Primrose')  op  decSchild
120'Golden Showers' (Weston)  op  decPerkins
401'Golden Flare'  op  decMigasprobably selfed
121('Golden Showers' x Lollipop #1)  op  decPerkins
122Gregory Bald late red  op  decCollins
123'Gregory Bald #2'* x 'Gregory Bald #2'*  hp  decWillhitecherry red; ball truss
124'Gregory Bald #3'* (orange red) x R. arborescens 'Biltmore Yellow'*  hp  decWillhite
125'Gregory Bald #6'* x R. viscosum montanum  hp  decWillhite 'Gregory Bald #6'* is a superior form with salmon orange flowers
126'Gregory Bald Seedling #1'*  op  decPerkins
155'Hachika-tsugi' (Kurume)  op  evgPerkinssyn: 'Prudence'; 'Wilson #7' : bicolor white/lavender
127'Hazel Hamilton'  op  decCollins
128(Henry Skinner x 'Daviesii')  op  decCollinsSkinner selection; cross; seedling selection
129Henry Skinner 525-6  op  decCollins
130Henry Skinner Plant #2  op  decCollins
131Henry Skinner Plant #3  op  decCollins
132Henry Skinner no label #2  op  decCollins
133'Irridescent' (Weston)  op  decPerkins
272'Jeff' (Beasley)  op  decWillhitesyn: 'Summer Lyric'
134'July Jester' (Leach)  op  decPerkins
136'June Jubilee' (Aromi) x 'Gregory Bald #2'*  hp  decWillhite 'June Jubilee' is a prunifolium x serrulatum x arborescens cross
137'June Jubilee' (Aromi) x R. calendulaceum (red)  hp  decWillhite 'June Jubilee' is a prunifolium x serrulatum x arborescens cross
138'June Jubilee' (Aromi)  op  decWillhite 'June Jubilee' is a prunifolium x serrulatum x arborescens cross
302Kalmia latifolia  op  othGohringWine Springs Bald (said to be a R. Jaynes collection site. Very colorful blooms.)
139Knap Hill x Knap Hill  hp  decSommerville
140'Late Date' (Towe-Anastos) x 'Millenium' (Weston)  hp  decPerkins
276'Lollipop' (Weston)   op  decPerkins
142'Marydel' (Polly Hill) x 'Apricot Surprise' (Northern Lights)  hp  decPerkins
143'Marydel' (Polly Hill) x 'My Mary' (Beasley)  hp  decPerkins
144'Marydel' (Polly Hill) x R. calendulaceum 'Cahas Mtn White'*  hp  decPerkins
145'Marydel' (Polly Hill)  op  decPerkins
176'Marydel' (Polly Hill)  op  decSommerville
146'Millie Mac' (McConnell)  op  decStelloh
147MLM White Ball Truss  op  decSommerville
148'Moby Dick' (Schroeder; white)  op  evgPerkins
149'My Mary' (Beasley) x R. calendulaceum (big orange ball trusses)  hp  decPerkins
150'My Mary' (Beasley)  op  decPerkins
151Native & Hybrid Mix  cw  decCookcollected from selected plants in Biltmore Azalea Glen
152'Pennsylvania' (Weston)  op  decPerkins
153'Pennsylvania' (Weston)  op  decWillhiteselfed or crossed with 'Summer Lyric' or 'Summer Eyelet'
277'Pink and Sweet' (Weston) x R. arborescens (Abbott)  hp  decPerkins
278'Pink and Sweet' (Weston)  op  decPerkins
154'Popsicle' (Weston)  op  decPerkins
156Pryored Seedling 'A10'* x 'Pink Pearl' (Kurume)  hp  evgGarriott
157Pryored Seedling 'A10'* x Pryored Seedling 'A4'*  hp  evgGarriottcross of two highly striped Pryored seedlings
227'Razzberry' (Sommerville)  op  decSommerville
158R. alabamense 'Creel's Alabammy'*  op  decCreelmultiple buds; ball trusses near several austrinums
159(R. alabamense x R. arborescens) x 'Gregory Bald #1'* (red)  hp  decWillhite
160R. albrechtii  op  decPerkins
303R. arborescens  cw  decGohringWayah Bald; NC
161R. arborescens  op  decCollinsCopper Bald pink
162R. arborescens  op  decCollinsHenry Skinner plant
163R. arborescens  op  decWillhitesuperior form: long shiny foliage; very fragrant; #166 nearby
164R. arborescens 'AA1808-81B'* (Woodlanders)  op  decPerkins
165R. arborescens 'Yellow #2'* x 'Weston's Lemon Drop'  hp  decWillhite
166R. arborescens 'Yellow #2'*  op  decWillhite#163 arborescens and pink cumberlandense x arborescens nearby
167R. arborescens 'Biltmore Yellow'*  op  decWillhitecumberlandense and arborescens nearby
168R. arborescens var rubrum x 'Popcorn' (Weston)  hp  decPerkins
169R. arborescens var rubrum  op  decPerkins
170R. arborescens 'Wayah Bald'* x R. calendulaceum early red  hp  decWillhite
171R. arborescens 'Wayah Bald'* x R. calendulaceum 'Wolfpen Gap'*  hp  decWillhite
172R. arborescens 'White Lightning' (Towe) x R. cumberlandense (red)  hp  decPerkins
173R. arborescens 'White Lightning' (Towe)  op  decPerkins
279R. arborescens 'White Lightning' (Towe) x R. cumberlandense (pink/yellow)  hp  decWillhitecumberlandense is a pink/yellow blend
174(R. arborescens x R. prunifolium) x 'Henry's Triumph'*  hp  decPerkins
175R. atlanticum  op  decSommervilleYellow Choptank
177R. atlanticum  op  decCollinsHenry Skinner Nat Arboretum #40825
304R. atlanticum 'RSF 1973/010'  op  decKline
178R. atlanticum 'Biltmore #1338'*  op  decWillhiteother atlanticums nearby
179R. atlanticum 'Sandtown'*  op  decPerkins
180R. atlanticum 'Snowbird' (Biltmore)  op  decCreelnear austrinums
181(R. atlanticum x R. austrinum 'Choice Cream')  op  decCreelselfed from isolated plant
182R. austrinum 'Kate' (Sommerville)  op  decSommerville
183R. austrinum  op  decSchild
184R. bakeri  op  decCollinsplant at Lake Circle
185R. bakeri x R. serrulatum x R. viscosum  hp  decSommervillesmall plant
305R. calendulaceum   cw  decGohringWine Springs Bald; NC
306R. calendulaceum   cw  decGohringHooper Bald; NC
307R. calendulaceum   cw  decGohringFannon County; GA
186R. calendulaceum 'Big Yellow'* x 'Gregory Bald #1'* (red)  hp  decWillhite
187R. calendulaceum 'Big Yellow'*  op  decWillhite 'Zo WarnerF2'* and Skinner azaleas nearby
188R. calendulaceum 'Cherokee' (Beasley?) x 'Marydel' (Polly Hill)  hp  decPerkins
189R. calendulaceum 'Cherokee' (Beasley?) x 'My Mary' (Beasley)  hp  decPerkins
190R. calendulaceum 'Cherokee' (Beasley?) x 'Snowbird' (Biltmore)  hp  decPerkins
191R. calendulaceum 'Cherokee' (Beasley?) x R. luteum 'Golden Comet'  hp  decPerkins
192R. calendulaceum 'Gamecock' (Towe- Anastos)  op  decCreelorange red split petal x split petal atlanticum 'Cottingham'* plant
308R. canescens  cw  decGohringPaulding County; GA
193R. calendulaceum 'Smoky Mountaineer' (Arnold)  op  decPerkins
194R. canescens x R. flammeum    decSommervillesmall flower early pink
195R. canescens  op  decPerkins
196R. canescens 'Late Bloomer'*  op  decCreelprobably a natural hybrid with R. periclymenoides
197R. canescens 'Creel's Confetti'*  op  decCreelsplit petaled pink fragrant very fertile
198R. canescens 'Jean Eastman'*  op  decCreelpure white with green spotted blotch; selfs to produce all white progeny
199R. chapmanii  op  lepCreelfrom pink and white group
200R. cumberlandense 'Black Mt'*  op  decPerkins
201R. cumberlandense (late orange) x 'Weston's Lemon Drop'  hp  decWillhite
202R. cumberlandense (orange) x R. arborescens (Abbott)  hp  decPerkins
203R. cumberlandense (orange)  op  decPerkins
204R. cumberlandense (red) x R. periclymenoides w/white blotch  hp  decPerkins
205R. cumberlandense (red)  op  decPerkins
206R. cumberlandense (very late orange red) x 'Weston's Lemon Drop'  hp  decWillhite
207R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red' (Skinner) x 'Weston's Magic'  hp  decPerkins
208R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red' (Skinner) x 'Appalachian Trail' (Beasley)  hp  decPerkins
209R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red' (Skinner) x 'Framingham' (Weston)  hp  decPerkins
210R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red' (Skinner) x 'Hot Spur' x R. calendulaceum  hp  decPerkins
211R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red' (Skinner) x 'Lemon Drop' (Beasley)  hp  decPerkins
212R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red' (Skinner) x R. alabamense 'Nancy Calloway'  hp  decPerkins
213R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red' (Skinner) x R. arborescens (Abbott)  hp  decPerkins
214R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red' (Skinner) x R. calendulaceum  hp  decPerkins
215R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red' (Skinner) x R. calendulaceum fragrant  hp  decPerkins
216R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red' (Skinner) x R. viscosum w/c  hp  decPerkins
217R. cumberlandense 'Sunlight' (Polly Hill)  op  decPerkins
218R. eastmanii 'North Wall'* x R. eastmanii 'Meadow'*  hp  decCreelboth plants are good examples of R. eastmanii
219R. flammeum  op  decStellohdouble flowered form
220R. flammeum  op  decSommervillewhite w/ light pink frosting
221R. flammeum   op  decSommervilleyellow
309R. flammeum 'Big Orange Truss'*  op  decCreelfrom Transplant Nursery; progeny usually large; tri- colored
250R. flammeum x Exbury  hp  decSommervilleyellow-gold
310R. flammeum 'Red Bank'*  op  decCreelin patch of other red/orange flammeums
222R. flammeum 'Brick Ruffles'* (maybe tetraploid)  op  decCreelorange ruffled form growing next to R. calendulaceum 'Keowee Sunrise'
223R. flammeum 'Clyde Crosby'* x R. flammeum 'Tower Blaze'*  op  decCreel 'Clyde Crosby' named for father -in -law deepest red
224R. flammeum x canescens 'Watermelon Pink'*  op  decCreelflammeum x canescens hybrid
225R. hybrid  op  decSommervilleyellow-gold; ball truss
228R. kaempferi 'Kesa'*  op  evgPerkins
229R. kiusianum 'Mangetsu'   op  evgPerkinsbicolor white/lavender
402R. luteum  op  decMigasprobably selfed; very fragrant
230R. macrosepalum  op  evgSchild
231R. maximum (Red Max)  op  eleCollins
311R. maximum  cw  eleGohringFannon County; GA
232R. nakaharae 'Mini- pink'  op  evgPerkins
234R. oblongifolium (viscosum)  op  decPerkins
235(R. occidentale C121 (SM 189 - lg flw) x R. occidentale 'Leonard Frisbie') x ('Lemon Drop' x R. occidentale - dbl)  hp  decCavender
236R. occidentale x R. cumberlandense  hp  decStellohraised in Hendersonville NC
237R. occidentale  op  decStellohraised in Hendersonville NC
312R. periclymenoides  cw  decGohringPolk County; GA
238R. periclymenoides x R. canescens 'Between2Roads'*  op  decCreelnatural ball truss hybrid from Creel Farm in Williamsburg County SC
239R. prinophyllum (Winchester; MA) x W/C  hp  decPerkins
240R. prunifolium x R. arborescens  op  decSommervillered pink
241R. prunifolium  op  decSommervilleblooms in July; red orange
242R. prunifolium  op  decSommerville
243R. prunifolium 'AA1226-85-1'* x 'Late Date' (Towe-Anastos)  hp  decPerkins
244R. prunifolium 'AA1226-85-x'* Nicholson & Hay  op  decPerkins
245R. prunifolium 'AA815-90'* (from Al Bert) x R. prunifolium 'Best Red' (Beasley)  hp  decPerkins
246R. prunifolium 'We-Du'* x 'Henry's Triumph'*  hp  decPerkins
247R. prunifolium 'ASR'* x R. prunifolium 'Best Red' (Beasley)  hp  decPerkins
248R. prunifolium (from Al Bert)  op  decPerkins
249R. sanctum  op  decSchild
252R. viscosum x R. arborescens  hp  decSommervillemidseason pink
253R. viscosum (Salem; NH) x W/C  hp  decPerkins
254R. viscosum glaucum NOT   op  decPerkinsdeep pink/yellow; late
255R. viscosum 'Red Tip'* x 'Lemon Drop' (Beasley)  hp  decPerkins
256R. viscosum 'Red Tip'* x 'My Mary' (Beasley)  hp  decPerkins
257R. viscosum 'Red Tip'* x R. prunifolium 'Fred's'*  hp  decPerkins
258R. viscosum 'Red Tip'*  op  decPerkins
259(R. viscosum x R. arborescens) (rose)  op  decPerkins
260R. yedoense var poukhanense  op  evgPerkinspink evergreen
261(Red Exbury Seedling x 'Brazil')  op  decSchild
262'Ribbon Candy' (Weston) x R. cumberlandense 'ASA Orange'*  hp  decPerkins
263'Ribbon Candy' (Weston)  op  decPerkins
264'S D Coleman' (Leach)  op  decSommervillered prunifolium
265'Saint James' (Back Acres)  op  evgWillhiteselfed or crossed with 'Apricot Honey' (Back Acres)
266'Sea Breeze' (Weston)  op  decPerkins
267Seedling  op  decSommervillegold flower w/ red tube
268'Snowbird' (Biltmore)  op  decPerkins
251(Sommerville #39 x Sommerville #48) op  op  decWillhitelikely an F2 (i.e. selfed); #39=red flammeum; #48=yellow flammeum
269Striped Shammarello Type Seedling x Midnight Flare' (Harris)  hp  evgGarriottmother plant is dense excellent shrub
270'Summer Eyelet' x Pennsylvania' (Weston)  hp  decWillhite 'Summer Eyelet' is a viscosum or viscosum x arborescens hybrid
271'Summer Eyelet' x R. arborescens 'Yellow #2'*  hp  decWillhite 'Summer Eyelet' is a viscosum or viscosum x arborescens hybrid
273'Sylphides' (pink Knap Hill)  op  decWillhite
274Skinner #9 (Vivian Abney)  op  decWillhite 'Zo Warner F2'* and 'Skinner #10'* and 'Skinner #12'* nearby
275'Wayah Crest' (Towe-Anastos; fragrant pink arb hybrid) x R. calendulaceum 'Wolfpen Gap'*  hp  decWillhite 'Wolfpen Gap'* is a late form with orange sherbert flower color
141'Weston's Lemon Drop' x R. cumberlandense  hp  decWillhite
280x furbishii = 'Canobie Carnival'* (rose)  op  decPerkins
281'Zo Warner F2 #3'* x R. calendulaceum 'Big Yellow'*  hp  decWillhite
282'Zophar #2'*  op  decPerkinssmall white with yellow flare
283'Zophar #3'*  op  decPerkinslarge white with yellow flare
284'Zophar #4'*  op  decPerkinspink with yellow flare
  #?Parents: seed x pollen? Type?Plant?  Contributor?Notes?

Starting January 1st, seed is distributed to ASA members and contributors on a first come, first served basis. Starting May 1st, seed is distributed to anyone on a first come, first served basis.

Use the seed number in the first column of the seed list to identify the seed on your order (a crossed out number such as 132 shows that seed lot is sold out and should not be ordered). You may order only one envelope of one seed number per order, although you may order any number of envelopes of different seeds. If the seed you ordered is not available, we will use our judgement to make a substitution, unless you state "no substitutions" on your order.

Orders can be placed by an e-mail to Aaron Cook or by a letter addressed to
ASA Seed Exchange
804 Piedmont Ave
Valdese NC 28690-3161
All seed not distributed before the annual convention will be offered for sale there.

Seed is packaged approximately 50 seeds in a #1 coin envelope, at a cost of $2.00 per envelope. Shipping and handling costs are an additional $3.00 per total order. Seed orders will be sent by first class mail.

Seed orders can be paid for with checks made out to "ASA" with "seed exchange" on the memo line, or by a credit card payment through PayPal sent to with "seed exchange" in the accompanying email.

Payment must accompany the order. Refunds will not be made for less than $4.00.

# - the seed order number. Please use this number to identify the seed on your order. Note that a crossed out number such as 132 shows that seed lot is sold out and should not be ordered.

Parents: seed x pollen - the name of the seed parent first, followed by an "x" and the pollen parent if known (that is, hand pollinated).
• (Parentheses) enclose the parent names of complex crosses, e.g. ('Golden Showers' x 'Lollipop') x R. cumberlandense.
• 'Midnight Flare' = accepted name (printed in a dated publication, may or may not be registered)
• 'ASA Orange'* = unpublished working name
• (Towe-Anastos, fragrant pink arb hybrid) = (hybridizer or hybrid group, and/or flower description)
• click a linked plant name to see a picture of that plant in a new window; then click the picture to show its gallery of thumbnails to see if there are more pictures of that plant; click a thumbnail to see its big picture; click the close box on the page to return to the seed list.

Type (of pollination) - hp = hand pollinated; cw = collected wild; op = open pollinated (unknown pollen parent).

Plant - evg = evergreen azalea; dec = deciduous azalea; azd = azaleodendron; lep = lepidote (scaly, little- leaf) rhododendron; ele = elepidote (non-scaly, big-leaf) rhododendron; oth = other plant

Contributor - name of the person or organization contributing the seed:
Cavender: 'Red' Cavender; Sherwood OR
Collins: Ed Collins; Hendersonville NC
Cook: Aaron Cook; Valdese NC
Creel: Mike Creel; Lexington SC
Garriott: Bob Garriott; Evansville IN
Gohring: Ken Gohring; Marietta GA
Kline: Howard Kline; Leesport PA
Migas: John Migas; Saugatuck MI
Perkins: John & Sally Perkins; Salem NH
Schild: Joe Schild; Hixson TN
Sommerville: Earl Sommerville; Marietta GA
Stelloh: Bob Stelloh; Hendersonville NC
Willhite: Jim Willhite; West Chester PA
Notes - any further information provided by the contributor about the plant or the seed.

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Updated 14 March 2009

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