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This page introduces a number of cultivars with images - click the name to see the image. Click the gallery name above the image to see other images at that site. Click your browser back button to return to these descriptions.

NameHybrid GroupDescription
'Acme'Glenn Daledeep purplish pink at center to dark pink near margins, dots in blotch not conscipuous, 2 1/4-3'', 2 to 3 in head; erect with ascending branches to 6 to 7 ft. high.
'Aozara'Satsuki[Blue sky] BG 1189, very pale pink with dark pink stripes and flecks, occasional dark pink sports, overlapping lobes, 2'', early; low spreading
'Appleblossom'Kurumesyn. 'Ho o', Wilson #9; white tinged strong pink 62B, blotch darker, occasional red stripes
'Balsaminiflorum'R. indicum1 1/2'', moderate red 47C
'Banshin'Satsuki[Ten-thousand hearts] BG 0920; white with stripes and sectors of deep pink, no blotch, wide round overlapping lobes, 2 1/2-3'', late
'Beni Kirin'Satsuki[Red giraffe]; formal double, strong to vivid reddish orange, with few dark dots in blotch, small overlapping lobes decreasing in size to the center, 2 1/2-3''
'Brangaene'Glenn Dalelight pink with yellow undertone, blotch darker, 2-2 1/2'',
'Caprice'Glenn Dalewhite, rayed and flecked red, bell-shaped, 2''
'Chojuho'Satsuki[Treasure of longevity]; deep red changing to to strong reddish orange to brownish orange, occasionally with large yellowish blotches, small narrow strap-like lobes, 1-1 1/2'', prominent stamens, early to late; flowers persist; upright [low?] spreading habit
'Chinzan'Satsuki[Rare mountain] (sport of 'Osakazuki') BG 1025; vivid pink with darker blotch, rounded loabes 1 1/2-2''; leaves elliptical 1'' long; compact growth. Popular for bonsai; some disagree with color, appears deep pink, but with a faint purplish cast.
'Dayspring'Glenn Dalewhite center shading to light purplish pink margin, blotch greenish yellow, 1 3/4-2''
'Debonaire'Back Acresvivid pink, edges deep pink; center lighter and faintly greenish, 2 1/2-3''; 3' in 10 years
'Daisetsuzan'Satsuki[Great snow mountain], white with yellow green center, 5 to 9 large rounded lobes, 4-5'', early to midseason, vigorous upright habit
'Easter Parade'Mossholder-Bristowlight pink with white marbling, semi-double, hose-in-hose, wavy, 3 1/2''
'Easter Parade' sportMossholder-Bristow
'Elsie Lee'Shammarellolight reddish purple, semi-double, 3x3 feet in 15 yrs.
'Eunice Updike'Robin Hilldeep yellowish pink, double, hose-in-hose, 1.5x3 ft. in 15 yrs.
'Frostburg'Kaempferiwhite, spotted flare light yellowish green 45C, hose-in-hose, 3'', fragrant, 3x3 ft. in 10 yrs.
'Fuji Mori'Satsuki[Wisteria woods] BG 0466: vivid pink, long narrow lobes, 2-2 1/2'', early, white stamens and pistil, low spreading.
'Geisha'Glenn Dalewhite, blotch yellowish green, flaked and striped reddish purple, 1 1/2-2'', early; tall to spreading habit to 6 ft. high.
'Girard's Fuchsia'Girarddeep reddish purple 71A, lighter spotting, wavy lobes, 2 1/2-3''; 24 x 30'' wise in 4 years, leaves reddish in winter, hardy to -10°F.
'Gunrei'Satsuki[Beautiful group] (sport of 'Gumpo'): pale pink with light pink flakes and small sectors, lobes overlapping, frilled, 2-2 1/2''
'Hardijzer Beauty'Hardijzerstrong purplish pink 67D, lightly flushed purplish red 66C, spotting darker, 1 1/8'', 50 to 60 in tight truss, compact habit
'Harris Orchid'Harris
'Higasa'Satsuki[Parasol] ('Banko' x 'Shinnyo-no-tsuki') BG 0917: purplish pink, prominent reddish purple blotch, large wide overlapping wavy laid back lobes, 4-5'', PI 227084 '55.
'Kinsai'Satsuki[Distinguished gold] (syn. 'Kinzai') BG 0360/1052: deep reddish orange, separate and distinct long narrow petals, 1 1/2-2 1/2'', leaves small oblanceolate 1/4 x 1 1/4'' long, plant low spreading. Popular for bonsai. PI 227090, 228109 '55.
'Kintaiyo'Wadawhite, margins and blotch flushed moderate red, petaloid sepals, 2'', one parent is possibly a Kurume hybrid.
R. kiusianumR. kiusianum
'Kobai'Satsuki[Red plum]: deep pink with distinct white blotches, 6 round overlapping lobes, 1 1/2-2''.
'Laciniatum'R. indicumstrong red, narrow strap-like petals, low dense habit
'Lee Thomas'Harrispink, red blotch, 21x34 in. in 10 yrs.
'Limerick'Glenn Dalewhite, striped purplish red, upright open habit to 6 ft. high
'Macrantha Dwarf'R. indicumdeep pink, semi-double, compact habit
'Mansaku'Satsuki[Abundant harvest]: strong pink, few white and deep pink stripes, wavy round lobes, 2.5-3'', upright habit
'Marionette'Glenn Daledeep purplish pink, vigorous upright habit to 8' high
'Martha Hitchcock'Glenn Dalewhite, reddish purple margins, broad spreading habit to 4' high
'Mascot'Glenn Daledeep yellowish pink, vigorous upright habit to 8' high
'Matsu-no-hikari'Satsukiwhite, deep yellowish pink variations, round wavy overlapping lobes, 2.5-3''
'May Blaine'Back Acreslight purple, double, rounded habit to 3.5' high
'Mayflower'Glenn Dalevivid pink, blotch few purplish red dots, hose-in-hose, 1.5-2'',
'Midnight Flare'Harrisvery deep red
'Mino no Sakite'HiradoPink, frilled, green blotch, 4''; semi-hardy in McLean VA.
'Nyohozan'Satsuki[Mount Nyoho]: pale pink, strong red blotch, spaced lobes, 1.5-2'', extremely slow growth
'Pearl Bradford'Glenn Dale
'Pearl Bradford' sport
'Pink Augusta'
R. poukhanensespecies
'Printemps'Chisolm-Merrittlight yellowish pink
'Rain Fire'Harrisvivid red, sun tolerant, mounding habit, 3' high
'Sagittarius'Glenn Dale
'Saotome'Satsukishy bloomer, nice foliage, mounding habit to 2' high
R. serpyllifoliumspecies
'The Robe'
R. tosaense 'Barbara'species

NameHybrid GroupDescription
'Admiral Semmes'
'Aromi Sunrise'Aromi
'Arneson's Gem'Arneson
'Brazil'Exburyvivid reddish orange
'Buzzard'Knap Hillpale yellow tinged pink; fragrant
'Cagle Nocturne'Schild Cumberland(arborescens x cumberlandense)
'Cumberland Fire'Schild Cumberland
'Cumberland Gold'Schild Cumberland
'Dawns Chorus'Sorensonlight pink 49C, tinted white, yellow blotch, frilled, 3'', fragrant, bud reddish orange, 5x5 ft. in 10 years, hardy to -20°F.
'Fireball'Exburydeep red, foliage reddish
'Fridonia Surprise'Schild Cumberland
'Ganns Delight'Schild Cumberland(arborescens x cumberlandense)
'George Beasley'Beasley
'Gibraltar'Exburyvivid orange, popular; 2 1/2''; midseason
'Golden Eagle'Knap Hill
'Homebush'Knap Hillvivid purplish red 55A, semidouble, 1 1/4''
'Joseph's Coat'Beasley(possible bakeri x viscosum hybrid): variable colors, yellow turning to other colors, slightly fragrant.
'King's Red'Kehr
'Klondyke'Exburystrong orange 24A, blotch orange yellow 23A
Lawrence Olsonoccidentale
'Lemon Zest'Schild
'My Mary'Beasley('Nacooche' x R. austrinum 'Gold'): light brilliant yellow 11A, 2 1/2'', fragrant, late April, stoloniferous, 50 x 52 in.
'My September Song' x cumberlandenseSchild
'Northern Lights'Northern Lights
'Orangeade'Knap Hillorange
'Peach Puff'
'Peachy Keen'Ilam
'Pink Carousel'Aromi
'Rosy Cheeks'
'Summer Heat'Schild Cumberland((cumberlandense x prunifolium) x cumberlandense)
'Sunlight'R. bakeriGregory Bald NC seed selection; Hill: deep reddish orange 43B, to deep yellowish pink 42B, edged red 45D, throat orange yellow 24B, frilled, 2''; broad upright 6 x 6 ft. in 14 years; hardy to -5°F.
'Sweet September'Crossmaybe (R. prunifolium x R. arborescens): blooms in September; clear pink with red stamens; upright habit to 6'
'Taylor Maid'
'Yellow Pompom'Girard(('1129 White Swan' x 'Klondyke' x ('Homebush' x '1129')): vivid yellow 12A, occasionally tinged orange yellow 21A, hose-in-hose, 2-2 1/2''; truss 18-24; leaves vivid yellow 14A in fall, bushy low habit, hardy to -25°F.

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Updated July 12, 2007

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