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 RHS, UCL and RGB Colors, gamma = 1.4       fan 1 | fan 2 | fan 3 | fan 4 || related pages

Fan 1 Yellow - Orange - Red Groups



UCL name




hex RGB


1A98Brilliant Greenish Yellow22621935 e2db23
1B98Brilliant Greenish Yellow22621947 e2db2f
1C101Light Greenish Yellow228220108 e4dc6c
1D104Pale Greenish Yellow240225141 f0e18d
2A97Vivid Greenish Yellow24322025 f3dc19
2B98Brilliant Greenish Yellow23622150 ecdd32
2C119Light Yellowish Green237234115 edea73
2D104Pale Greenish Yellow240224152 f0e098
3A98Brilliant Greenish Yellow24821833 f8da21
3B98Brilliant Greenish Yellow24822951 f8e533
3C101Light Greenish Yellow24022995 f0e55f
3D101Light Greenish Yellow239233129 efe981
4A98Brilliant Greenish Yellow25122850 fbe432
4B101Light Greenish Yellow24823390 f8e95a
4C101Light Greenish Yellow249230126 f9e67e
4D121Pale Yellowish Green242233187 f2e9bb
5A98Brilliant Greenish Yellow23820432 eecc20
5B98Brilliant Greenish Yellow25121735 fbd923
5C101Light Greenish Yellow25522581ffe151xGB
5D101Light Greenish Yellow255227131ffe383xGB
6A98Brilliant Greenish Yellow24920733 f9cf21
6B98Brilliant Greenish Yellow25421037 fed225
6C98Brilliant Greenish Yellow25521561ffd73dxGB
6D101Light Greenish Yellow253223117 fddf75
7A83Brilliant Yellow23418420 eab814
7B83Brilliant Yellow23719345 edc12d
7C98Brilliant Greenish Yellow23519946 ebc72e
7D101Light Greenish Yellow23019973 e6c749
8A83Brilliant Yellow25521352ffd534xGB
8B101Light Greenish Yellow25521981ffdb51xGB
8C101Light Greenish Yellow248231117 f8e775
8D89Pale Yellow252231176 fce7b0
9A82Vivid Yellow25520118ffc912xGB
9B82Vivid Yellow25520325ffcb19xGB
9C83Brilliant Yellow25521769ffd945xGB
9D104Pale Greenish Yellow252227147 fce393
10A83Brilliant Yellow25520869ffd045xGB
10B86Light Yellow25521387ffd557xGB
10C86Light Yellow253218112 fdda70
10D104Pale Greenish Yellow247228158 f7e49e
11A83Brilliant Yellow25419858 fec63a
11B86Light Yellow250208101 fad065
11C89Pale Yellow250216144 fad890
11D89Pale Yellow255228195ffe4c3xGB
12A82Vivid Yellow25520019ffc813xGB
12B83Brilliant Yellow25520645ffce2dxGB
12C86Light Yellow25521692ffd85cxGB
12D89Pale Yellow253221143 fddd8f
13A82Vivid Yellow25519013ffbe0dxGB
13B83Brilliant Yellow25519532ffc320xGB
13C83Brilliant Yellow25520257ffca39xGB
13D104Pale Greenish Yellow247222153 f7de99
14A82Vivid Yellow2551770ffb100xGB
14B82Vivid Yellow2551830ffb700xGB
14C83Brilliant Yellow25520371ffcb47xGB
14D86Light Yellow255208118ffd076xGB
15A82Vivid Yellow25517616ffb010xGB
15B82Vivid Yellow25518231ffb61fxGB
15C83Brilliant Yellow25518846ffbc2exGB
15D86Light Yellow25520595ffcd5fxGB
16A82Vivid Yellow25517633ffb021xGB
16B70Light Orangish Yellow25517671ffb047xGB
16C70Light Orangish Yellow25518389ffb759xGB
16D73Pale Orangish Yellow255196128ffc480xGB
17A68Strong Orangish Yellow2551440ff9000xGB
17B82Vivid Yellow2551600ffa000xGB
17C82Vivid Yellow2551698ffa908xGB
17D86Light Yellow25519179ffbf4fxGB
18A86Light Yellow25519078ffbe4exGB
18B86Light Yellow255205129ffcd81xGB
18C89Pale Yellow255212165ffd4a5xGB
18D89Pale Yellow255218162ffdaa2xGB
19A70Light Orangish Yellow25517860ffb23cxGB
19B28Light Yellowish pink255178126ffb27exGB
19C89Pale Yellow255206145ffce91xGB
19D73Pale Orangish Yellow255216191ffd8bfxGB
20A83Brilliant Yellow25515942ff9f2axGB
20B86Light Yellow25518782ffbb52xGB
20C89Pale Yellow255198129ffc681xGB
20D89Pale Yellow253213170 fdd5aa
21A66Vivid Orangish Yellow2551510ff9700xGB
21B67Brilliant Orangish Yellow25515916ff9f10xGB
21C83Brilliant Yellow25517442ffae2axGB
21D86Light Yellow25518988ffbd58xGB
22A68Strong Orangish Yellow25113533 fb8721
22B70Light Orangish Yellow25516668ffa644xGB
22C70Light Orangish Yellow25517184ffab54xGB
22D70Light Orangish Yellow255180105ffb469xGB
23A66Vivid Orangish Yellow2551350ff8700xGB
23B67Brilliant Orangish Yellow25515528ff9b1cxGB
23C70Light Orangish Yellow25517275ffac4bxGB
23D73Pale Orangish Yellow255199144ffc790xGB
24A50Strong Orange25512417ff7c11xGB
24B68Strong Orangish Yellow25513741ff8929xGB
24C70Light Orangish Yellow25516588ffa558xGB
24D73Pale Orangish Yellow255182128ffb680xGB
25A50Strong Orange25510617ff6a11xGB
25B50Strong Orange25512429ff7c1dxGB
25C49Brilliant Orange25514054ff8c36xGB
25D70Light Orangish Yellow255173110ffad6exGB
26A50Strong Orange23910428 ef681c
26B50Strong Orange25212349 fc7b31
26C52Light Orange25314689 fd9259
26D28Light Yellowish pink252160116 fca074
27A28Light Yellowish pink255192156ffc09cxGB
27B28Light Yellowish pink255201181ffc9b5xGB
27C31Pale Yellowish pink255209198ffd1c6xGB
27D31Pale Yellowish pink255218210ffdad2xGB
28A25Vivid Yellowish pink2559215ff5c0fxGB
28B48Vivid Orange25511323ff7117xGB
28C52Light Orange25514777ff934dxGB
28D52Light Orange255162106ffa26axGB
29A49Brilliant Orange25513563ff873fxGB
29B52Light Orange25514693ff925dxGB
29C28Light Yellowish pink255166130ffa682xGB
29D31Pale Yellowish pink236184163 ecb8a3
30A34Vivid Reddish Orange2486835 f84423
30B34Vivid Reddish Orange2557432ff4a20xGB
30C25Vivid Yellowish pink2558125ff5119xGB
30D50Strong Orange25510847ff6c2fxGB
31A35Strong Reddish Orange2266429 e2401d
31B35Strong Reddish Orange2378343 ed532b
31C26Strong Yellowish pink23110881 e76c51
31D29ModerateYellowish pink249130107 f9826b
32A34Vivid Reddish Orange2395416 ef3610
32B35Strong Reddish Orange2467944 f64f2c
32C26Strong Yellowish pink2559859ff623bxGB
32D26Strong Yellowish pink255134101ff8665xGB
33A34Vivid Reddish Orange2244119 e02913
33B34Vivid Reddish Orange2415724 f13918
33C26Strong Yellowish pink2559360ff5d3cxGB
33D29Moderate Yellowish Pink255136113ff8871xGB
34A34Vivid Reddish Orange2484732 f82f20
34B34Vivid Reddish Orange2346035 ea3c23
34C35Strong Reddish Orange2538148 fd5130
34D26Strong Yellowish Pink23210375 e8674b
35A37Moderate Reddish Orange1975837 c53a25
35B37Moderate Reddish Orange2217055 dd4637
35C26Strong Yellowish Pink22310091 df645b
35D5Moderate Pink240130133 f08285
36A28Light Yellowish Pink252162156 fca29c
36B28Light Yellowish Pink247173176 f7adb0
36C28Light Yellowish Pink255181187ffb5bbxGB
36D31Pale Yellowish Pink253208212 fdd0d4
37A26Strong Yellowish Pink2319472 e75e48
37B26Strong Yellowish Pink242122108 f27a6c
37C29Moderate Yellowish Pink249148136 f99488
37D28Light Yellowish Pink255172161ffaca1xGB
38A26Strong Yellowish Pink255112107ff706bxGB
38B29Moderate Yellowish Pink249138132 f98a84
38C28Light Yellowish Pink252157147 fc9d93
38D28Light Yellowish Pink255182176ffb6b0xGB
39A12Strong Red2105146 d2332e
39B27Deep Yellowish Pink2277572 e34b48
39C29Moderate Yellowish Pink245134132 f58684
39D4Light Pink255164171ffa4abxGB
40A34Vivid Reddish Orange2364335 ec2b23
40B34Vivid Reddish Orange2294730 e52f1e
40C35Strong Reddish Orange2316643 e7422b
40D26Strong Yellowish Pink2488758 f8573a
41A34Vivid Reddish Orange1932822 c11c16
41B12Strong Red1954038 c32826
41C37Moderate Reddish Orange1776254 b13e36
41D27Deep Yellowish Pink1877876 bb4e4c
42A34Vivid Reddish Orange1852321 b91715
42B35Strong Reddish Orange1894429 bd2c1d
42C35Strong Reddish Orange2035136 cb3324
42D37Moderate Reddish Orange2097055 d14637
43A34Vivid Reddish Orange1982520 c61914
43B34Vivid Reddish Orange2223631 de241f
43C27Deep Yellowish Pink2325457 e83639
43D26Strong Yellowish Pink255100106ff646axGB
44A11Vivid Red1752013 af140d
44B34Vivid Reddish Orange1922417 c01811
44C34Vivid Reddish Orange2124135 d42923
44D27Deep Yellowish Pink2306061 e63c3d
45A11Vivid Red162718 a20712
45B11Vivid Red179319 b30313
45C11Vivid Red1802532 b41920
45D12Strong Red2003745 c8252d
46A12Strong Red1271424 7f0e18
46B11Vivid Red1511619 971013
46C11Vivid Red1852232 b91620
46D27Deep Yellowish Pink2204648 dc2e30
47A15Moderate Red1583334 9e2122
47B12Strong Red1853642 b9242a
47C27Deep Yellowish Pink2185566 da3742
47D3Deep Pink2236683 df4253
48A3Deep Pink2006466 c84042
48B3Deep Pink2187979 da4f4f
48C2Strong Pink24296105 f26069
48D2Strong Pink255133145ff8591xGB
49A2Strong Pink248117131 f87583
49B5Moderate Pink246142151 f68e97
49C4Light Pink250176190 fab0be
49D7Pale Pink240201214 f0c9d6
50A12Strong Red1843144 b81f2c
50B3Deep Pink2124865 d43041
50C2Strong Pink22891106 e45b6a
50D4Light Pink245158171 f59eab
51A12Strong Red1863862 ba263e
51B3Deep Pink2106283 d23e53
51C3Deep Pink21692107 d85c6b
51D5Moderate Pink221127138 dd7f8a
52A11Vivid Red1913158 bf1f3a
52B3Deep Pink2164981 d83151
52C3Deep Pink21966102 db4266
52D2Strong Pink238105130 ee6982
53A13Deep Red1141327 720d1b
53B12Strong Red1412135 8d1523
53C12Strong Red1682648 a81a30
53D12Strong Red1873261 bb203d
54A255Strong Purplish Red1874981 bb3151
54B248Deep Purplish Pink1975893 c53a5d
54C2Strong Pink21396122 d5607a
54D250Moderate Purplish Pink223134161 df86a1
55A248Deep Purplish Pink20855104 d03768
55B247Strong Purplish Pink22390141 df5a8d
55C249Light Purplish Pink241132169 f184a9
55D252Pale Purplish Pink245161193 f5a1c1
56A252Pale Purplish Pink223153180 df99b4
56B252Pale Purplish Pink225162190 e1a2be
56C252Pale Purplish Pink216171194 d8abc2
56D252Pale Purplish Pink217181202 d9b5ca
* Colors containing an R, G or B value of 0 or 255 can not be displayed accurately, and are flagged in the rightmost column.

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Updated July 20, 2007

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