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 RHS, UCL and RGB Colors, gamma = 1.4       fan 1 | fan 2 | fan 3 | fan 4 || related pages

Fan 2 Red-Purple - Violet - Blue Groups



UCL name




hex RGB


RHS 57A11Vivid Red161340 a10328
RHS 57B254Vivid Purplish Red165044a5002cRxB
RHS 57C254Vivid Purplish Red1801468 b40e44
RHS 57D254Vivid Purplish Red1934095 c1285f
RHS 58A258Moderate Purplish Red1161751 741133
RHS 58B255Strong Purplish Red1773180 b11f50
RHS 58C255Strong Purplish Red1994698 c72e62
RHS 58D248Deep Purplish Pink21883129 da5381
RHS 59A16Dark Red751529 4b0f1d
RHS 59B256Deep Purplish Red961235 600c23
RHS 59C258Moderate Purplish Red1232153 7b1535
RHS 59D255Strong Purplish Red1643880 a42650
RHS 60A13Deep Red1091134 6d0b22
RHS 60B255Strong Purplish Red1211043 790a2b
RHS 60C255Strong Purplish Red1372058 89143a
RHS 60D255Strong Purplish Red1643479 a4224f
RHS 61A256Deep Purplish Red1031045 670a2d
RHS 61B255Strong Purplish Red1411762 8d113e
RHS 61C254Vivid Purplish Red1833183 b71f53
RHS 61D248Deep Purplish Pink22062124 dc3e7c
RHS 62A247Strong Purplish Pink22995160 e55fa0
RHS 62B250Moderate Purplish Pink230119173 e677ad
RHS 62C249Light Purplish Pink235142188 eb8ebc
RHS 62D252Pale Purplish Pink234174212 eaaed4
RHS 63A255Strong Purplish Red1592467 9f1843
RHS 63B255Strong Purplish Red1844095 b8285f
RHS 63C247Strong Purplish Pink22091143 dc5b8f
RHS 63D249Light Purplish Pink233129171 e981ab
RHS 64A258Moderate Purplish Red1201857 781239
RHS 64B255Strong Purplish Red1472673 931a49
RHS 64C255Strong Purplish Red18149110 b5316e
RHS 64D248Deep Purplish Pink19786139 c5568b
RHS 65A250Moderate Purplish Pink219118176 db76b0
RHS 65B249Light Purplish Pink228150196 e496c4
RHS 65C252Pale Purplish Pink238167206 eea7ce
RHS 65D252Pale Purplish Pink227181223 e3b5df
RHS 66A254Vivid Purplish Red184073b80049RxB
RHS 66B254Vivid Purplish Red188078bc004eRxB
RHS 66C248Deep Purplish Pink19859115 c63b73
RHS 66D250Moderate Purplish Pink20895145 d05f91
RHS 67A255Strong Purplish Red1592776 9f1b4c
RHS 67B254Vivid Purplish Red18830106 bc1e6a
RHS 67C248Deep Purplish Pink20544123 cd2c7b
RHS 67D247Strong Purplish Pink21192163 d35ca3
RHS 68A248Deep Purplish Pink19756139 c5388b
RHS 68B247Strong Purplish Pink21987174 db57ae
RHS 68C250Moderate Purplish Pink228123196 e47bc4
RHS 68D249Light Purplish Pink222150212 de96d4
RHS 69A226Very Pale Purple234183235 eab7eb
RHS 69B226Very Pale Purple231189238 e7bdee
RHS 69C226Very Pale Purple232200241 e8c8f1
RHS 69D226Very Pale Purple231201242 e7c9f2
RHS 70A258Moderate Purplish Red1182876 761c4c
RHS 70B237Strong Reddish Purple15841112 9e2970
RHS 70C248Deep Purplish Pink17879137 b24f89
RHS 70D250Moderate Purplish Pink207127185 cf7fb9
RHS 71A256Deep Purplish Red941453 5e0e35
RHS 71B255Strong Purplish Red1332477 85184d
RHS 71C255Strong Purplish Red1602995 a01d5f
RHS 71D255Strong Purplish Red18246125 b62e7d
RHS 72A255Strong Purplish Red1091874 6d124a
RHS 72B237Strong Reddish Purple1272996 7f1d60
RHS 72C237Strong Reddish Purple17258143 ac3a8f
RHS 72D248Deep Purplish Pink18877160 bc4da0
RHS 73A248Deep Purplish Pink18963151 bd3f97
RHS 73B247Strong Purplish Pink214103185 d667b9
RHS 73C249Light Purplish Pink235139216 eb8bd8
RHS 73D226Very Pale Purple213179229 d5b3e5
RHS 74A236Vivid Reddish Purple149099950063RxB
RHS 74B236Vivid Reddish Purple15926112 9f1a70
RHS 74C240Light Reddish Purple16991150 a95b96
RHS 74D250Moderate Purplish Pink195126179 c37eb3
RHS 75A222Light Purple16394178 a35eb2
RHS 75B222Light Purple188126205 bc7ecd
RHS 75C221Very Light Purple200148205 c894cd
RHS 75D226Very Pale Purple207176224 cfb0e0
RHS 76A222Light Purple179115192 b373c0
RHS 76B221Very Light Purple210143214 d28fd6
RHS 76C226Very Pale Purple225169228 e1a9e4
RHS 76D226Very Pale Purple230196236 e6c4ec
RHS 77A238Deep Reddish Purple832382 531752
RHS 77B218Strong Purple13357141 85398d
RHS 77C222Light Purple163103182 a367b6
RHS 77D222Light Purple181129202 b581ca
RHS 78A236Vivid Reddish Purple12621117 7e1575
RHS 78B237Strong Reddish Purple12940124 81287c
RHS 78C222Light Purple15188152 975898
RHS 78D250Moderate Purplish Pink183121177 b779b1
RHS 79A224Dark Purple422344 2a172c
RHS 79B224Dark Purple542259 36163b
RHS 79C219Deep Purple742878 4a1c4e
RHS 79D223Moderate Purple914695 5b2e5f
RHS 80A216Vivid Purple10215108 660f6c
RHS 80B218Strong Purple11331123 711f7b
RHS 80C222Light Purple14880155 94509b
RHS 80D222Light Purple169125180 a97db4
RHS 81A216Vivid Purple9517121 5f1179
RHS 81B216Vivid Purple11034138 6e228a
RHS 81C222Light Purple14385164 8f55a4
RHS 81D222Light Purple168120188 a878bc
RHS 82A216Vivid Purple7915117 4f0f75
RHS 82B218Strong Purple8526121 551a79
RHS 82C223Moderate Purple12376154 7b4c9a
RHS 82D222Light Purple159110179 9f6eb3
RHS 83A224Dark Purple462467 2e1843
RHS 83B219Deep Purple612685 3d1a55
RHS 83C218Strong Purple7235102 482366
RHS 83D218Strong Purple9646128 602e80
RHS 84A218Strong Purple11164154 6f409a
RHS 84B222Light Purple150102190 9666be
RHS 84C222Light Purple182133202 b685ca
RHS 84D226Very Pale Purple214169219 d6a9db
RHS 85A222Light Purple12993174 815dae
RHS 85B222Light Purple152119198 9877c6
RHS 85C221Very Light Purple179147221 b393dd
RHS 85D226Very Pale Purple212184232 d4b8e8
RHS 86A211Moderate Violet452375 2d174b
RHS 86B207Strong Violet6937117 452575
RHS 86C207Strong Violet8748138 57308a
RHS 86D206Brilliant Violet10668166 6a44a6
RHS 87A205Vivid Violet7418130 4a1282
RHS 87B216Vivid Purple8836139 58248b
RHS 87C222Light Purple13998178 8b62b2
RHS 87D222Light Purple170132203 aa84cb
RHS 88A205Vivid Violet6919137 451389
RHS 88B205Vivid Violet7626138 4c1a8a
RHS 88C210Light Violet11282168 7052a8
RHS 88D210Light Violet145122190 917abe
RHS 89A205Vivid Violet3209020005aRxB
RHS 89B205Vivid Violet38499 260463
RHS 89C205Vivid Violet5121116 331574
RHS 89D210Light Violet8463144 543f90
RHS 90A207Strong Violet5230102 341e66
RHS 90B207Strong Violet6541123 41297b
RHS 90C206Brilliant Violet8455145 543791
RHS 90D206Brilliant Violet9668164 6044a4
RHS 91A210Light Violet11685172 7455ac
RHS 91B210Light Violet157126205 9d7ecd
RHS 91C226Very Pale Purple187155219 bb9bdb
RHS 91D213Very Pale Violet205186235 cdbaeb
RHS 92A206Brilliant Violet8162157 513e9d
RHS 92B210Light Violet127109196 7f6dc4
RHS 92C210Light Violet166146222 a692de
RHS 92D226Very Pale Purple196184225 c4b8e1
RHS 93A208Deep Violet281681 1c1051
RHS 93B207Strong Violet4732116 2f2074
RHS 93C207Strong Violet6647143 422f8f
RHS 93D210Light Violet10794188 6b5ebc
RHS 94A207Strong Violet4331130 2b1f82
RHS 94B196Strong Purplish Blue6257161 3e39a1
RHS 94C195Brilliant Purplish Blue9087189 5a57bd
RHS 94D210Light Violet118114214 7672d6
RHS 95A194Vivid Purplish Blue251996 191360
RHS 95B176Vivid Blue035129002381xGB
RHS 95C196Strong Purplish Blue4556151 2d3897
RHS 95D199Light Purplish Blue141141207 8d8dcf
RHS 96A194Vivid Purplish Blue2425120 181978
RHS 96B194Vivid Purplish Blue4442155 2c2a9b
RHS 96C196Strong Purplish Blue4953167 3135a7
RHS 96D195Brilliant Purplish Blue7982189 4f52bd
RHS 97A195Brilliant Purplish Blue8296196 5260c4
RHS 97B199Light Purplish Blue109127206 6d7fce
RHS 97C202Very Pale Purplish Blue151161224 97a1e0
RHS 97D226Very Pale Purple198188235 c6bceb
RHS 98A196Strong Purplish Blue3549131 233183
RHS 98B182Moderate Blue5568144 374490
RHS 98C181Light Blue7696174 4c60ae
RHS 98D199Light Purplish Blue104121186 6879ba
RHS 99A197Deep Purplish Blue181983 121353
RHS 99B194Vivid Purplish Blue2121116 151574
RHS 99C194Vivid Purplish Blue1631157 101f9d
RHS 99D205Vivid Violet5530183 371eb7
RHS 100A194Vivid Purplish Blue2335160 1723a0
RHS 100B178Strong Blue6685190 4255be
RHS 100C199Light Purplish Blue102115209 6673d1
RHS 100D198Very Light Purplish Blue157158230 9d9ee6
RHS 101A176Vivid Blue456186 0438ba
RHS 101B178Strong Blue5180200 3350c8
RHS 101C181Light Blue92121213 5c79d5
RHS 101D202Very Pale Purplish Blue155169228 9ba9e4
RHS 102A179Deep Blue162482 101852
RHS 102B182Moderate Blue1941108 13296c
RHS 102C178Strong Blue3045123 1e2d7b
RHS 102D182Moderate Blue4966144 314290
RHS 103A204Grayish Purplish Blue252448 191830
RHS 103B183Dark Blue232762 171b3e
RHS 103C183Dark Blue212970 151d46
RHS 103D182Moderate Blue254595 192d5f
RHS 104A178Strong Blue1241138 0c298a
RHS 104B178Strong Blue3472176 2248b0
RHS 104C177Brilliant Blue5092200 325cc8
RHS 104D181Light Blue93133221 5d85dd
RHS 105A179Deep Blue130102 011e66
RHS 105B178Strong Blue041132002984xGB
RHS 105C178Strong Blue05715600399cxGB
RHS 105D178Strong Blue3085196 1e55c4
RHS 106A177Brilliant Blue50109220 326ddc
RHS 106B181Light Blue86134232 5686e8
RHS 106C180Very Light Blue128161231 80a1e7
RHS 106D202Very Pale Purplish Blue165181241 a5b5f1
RHS 107A178Strong Blue062158003e9exGB
RHS 107B178Strong Blue2790193 1b5ac1
RHS 107C181Light Blue83132216 5384d8
RHS 107D181Light Blue107144217 6b90d9
RHS 108A181Light Blue160184231 a0b8e7
RHS 108B181Light Blue176199247 b0c7f7
RHS 108C181Light Blue181198244 b5c6f4
RHS 108D181Light Blue198204245 c6ccf5
RHS 109A176Vivid Blue0671970043c5xGB
RHS 109B176Vivid Blue0802000050c8xGB
RHS 109C177Brilliant Blue37109212 256dd4
RHS 109D181Light Blue76138224 4c8ae0
RHS 110A178Strong Blue076169004ca9xGB
RHS 110B178Strong Blue0991890063bdxGB
RHS 110C181Light Blue88161237 58a1ed
RHS 110D180Very Light Blue116178242 74b2f2
* Colors containing an R, G or B value of 0 or 255 can not be displayed accurately, and are flagged in the rightmost column.

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Updated July 20, 2007

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