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 RHS, UCL and RGB Colors, gamma = 1.4       fan 1 | fan 2 | fan 3 | fan 4 || related pages

Fan 4 Greyed Colours - Brown - Grey - Black - White Groups



UCL name

RGBhex RGB   *
RHS 155A121Pale Yellowish Green233221207 e9ddcf
RHS 155B92Yellowish white246234227 f6eae3
RHS 155C153Greenish white232226223 e8e2df
RHS 155D92Yellowish white242229228 f2e5e4
RHS 156A93Yellowish Gray177162141 b1a28d
RHS 156B93Yellowish Gray191176158 bfb09e
RHS 156C93Yellowish Gray202183168 cab7a8
RHS 156D92Yellowish white211195186 d3c3ba
RHS 157A121Pale Yellowish Green208203173 d0cbad
RHS 157B121Pale Yellowish Green216211187 d8d3bb
RHS 157C121Pale Yellowish Green226218199 e2dac7
RHS 157D153Greenish white234226220 eae2dc
RHS 158A89Pale Yellow242205158 f2cd9e
RHS 158B89Pale Yellow253224185 fde0b9
RHS 158C92Yellowish white251229203 fbe5cb
RHS 158D92Yellowish white249228214 f9e4d6
RHS 159A28Light Yellowish Pink247181153 f7b599
RHS 159B73Pale Orangish Yellow251195169 fbc3a9
RHS 159C73Pale Orangish Yellow245202185 f5cab9
RHS 159D31Pale Yellowish Pink251216210 fbd8d2
RHS 160A87Moderate Yellow20416971 cca947
RHS 160B86Light Yellow21418095 d6b45f
RHS 160C104Pale Greenish Yellow214189122 d6bd7a
RHS 160D89Pale Yellow210184135 d2b887
RHS 161A87Moderate Yellow19614676 c4924c
RHS 161B87Moderate Yellow22315779 df9d4f
RHS 161C89Pale Yellow224170114 e0aa72
RHS 161D89Pale Yellow222190140 debe8c
RHS 162A87Moderate Yellow20914856 d19438
RHS 162B87Moderate Yellow22416874 e0a84a
RHS 162C86Light Yellow21817397 daad61
RHS 162D89Pale Yellow221181124 ddb57c
RHS 163A69Deep Orangish Yellow1859311 b95d0b
RHS 163B68Strong Orangish Yellow21411418 d67212
RHS 163C87Moderate Yellow22114959 dd953b
RHS 163D86Light Yellow231179107 e7b36b
RHS 164A54Brownish Orange1446928 90451c
RHS 164B71Moderate Orangish Yellow18510948 b96d30
RHS 164C71Moderate Orangish Yellow20813865 d08a41
RHS 164D89Pale Yellow230183129 e6b781
RHS 165A58Moderate Brown754029 4b281d
RHS 165B54Brownish Orange1467231 92481f
RHS 165C71Moderate Orangish Yellow19111563 bf733f
RHS 165D73Pale Orangish Yellow225159107 e19f6b
RHS 166A61Grayish Brown583733 3a2521
RHS 166B43Moderate Reddish Brown1114529 6f2d1d
RHS 166C54Brownish Orange1456835 914423
RHS 166D53Moderate Orange1669352 a65d34
RHS 167A53Moderate Orange1737922 ad4f16
RHS 167B53Moderate Orange1929335 c05d23
RHS 167C53Moderate Orange20610643 ce6a2b
RHS 167D71Moderate Orangish Yellow21111856 d37638
RHS 168A50Strong Orange1926628 c0421c
RHS 168B50Strong Orange2047526 cc4b1a
RHS 168C53Moderate Orange21710238 d96626
RHS 168D71Moderate Orangish Yellow22713675 e3884b
RHS 169A35Strong Reddish Orange1814521 b52d15
RHS 169B50Strong Orange1926221 c03e15
RHS 169C50Strong Orange2067014 ce460e
RHS 169D50Strong Orange2228222 de5216
RHS 170A50Strong Orange1927130 c0471e
RHS 170B53Moderate Orange1998637 c75625
RHS 170C53Moderate Orange21010856 d26c38
RHS 170D53Moderate Orange22413684 e08854
RHS 171A37Moderate Reddish Orange1475227 93341b
RHS 171B54Brownish Orange1716326 ab3f1a
RHS 171C53Moderate Orange1807942 b44f2a
RHS 171D53Moderate Orange20311070 cb6e46
RHS 172A55Strong Brown1093922 6d2716
RHS 172B38Dark Reddish Orange1254628 7d2e1c
RHS 172C54Brownish Orange1596334 9f3f22
RHS 172D53Moderate Orange1798440 b35428
RHS 173A38Dark Reddish Orange1214034 792822
RHS 173B37Moderate Reddish Orange1675938 a73b26
RHS 173C53Moderate Orange1818757 b55739
RHS 173D29Moderate Yellowish Pink21112590 d37d5a
RHS 174A43Moderate Reddish Brown1064636 6a2e24
RHS 174B39Greenish Reddish Orange1476746 93432e
RHS 174C39Greenish Reddish Orange1688360 a8533c
RHS 174D39Greenish Reddish Orange18910175 bd654b
RHS 175A43Moderate Reddish Brown903327 5a211b
RHS 175B38Dark Reddish Orange1063323 6a2117
RHS 175C38Dark Reddish Orange1284124 802918
RHS 175D37Moderate Reddish Orange1445641 903829
RHS 176A19Grayish Red963433 602221
RHS 176B43Moderate Reddish Brown1074542 6b2d2a
RHS 176C39Grayish Reddish Orange1245345 7c352d
RHS 176D39Grayish Reddish Orange1556752 9b4334
RHS 177A43Moderate Reddish Brown833935 532723
RHS 177B42Light Reddish Brown1095847 6d3a2f
RHS 177C39Grayish Reddish Orange1346754 864336
RHS 177D39Grayish Reddish Orange1558370 9b5346
RHS 178A19Grayish Red962727 601b1b
RHS 178B38Dark Reddish Orange1083225 6c2019
RHS 178C37Moderate Reddish Orange1404331 8c2b1f
RHS 178D37Moderate Reddish Orange1665540 a63728
RHS 179A15Moderate Red1502934 961d22
RHS 179B15Moderate Red1805249 b43431
RHS 179C37Moderate Reddish Orange2109279 d25c4f
RHS 179D29Moderate Yellowish Pink246140122 f68c7a
RHS 180A15Moderate Red1343736 862524
RHS 180B15Moderate Red1604444 a02c2c
RHS 180C15Moderate Red1745857 ae3a39
RHS 180D3Deep Pink1978382 c55352
RHS 181A15Moderate Red1183336 762124
RHS 181B15Moderate Red1374345 892b2d
RHS 181C15Moderate Red1596062 9f3c3e
RHS 181D30Dark Yellowish Pink1839697 b76061
RHS 182A15Moderate Red1243744 7c252c
RHS 182B19Grayish Red1355860 873a3c
RHS 182C6Dark Pink1638285 a35255
RHS 182D6Dark Pink1749095 ae5a5f
RHS 183A16Dark Red812226 51161a
RHS 183B16Dark Red872529 57191d
RHS 183C15Moderate Red1032735 671b23
RHS 183D15Moderate Red1163748 742530
RHS 184A19Grayish Red1002833 641c21
RHS 184B15Moderate Red1103344 6e212c
RHS 184C258Moderate Purplish Red1634566 a32d42
RHS 184D258Moderate Purplish Red1835680 b73850
RHS 185A13Deep Red1101724 6e1118
RHS 185B15Moderate Red1253039 7d1e27
RHS 185C258Moderate Purplish Red1394465 8b2c41
RHS 185D3Deep Pink1686691 a8425b
RHS 186A258Moderate Purplish Red1273460 7f223c
RHS 186B258Moderate Purplish Red1504982 963152
RHS 186C251Dark Purplish Pink17184121 ab5479
RHS 186D250Moderate Purplish Pink200122156 c87a9c
RHS 187A16Dark Red421521 2a0f15
RHS 187B16Dark Red701323 460d17
RHS 187C16Dark Red861328 560d1c
RHS 187D256Deep Purplish Red1031444 670e2c
RHS 188A155Greenish Gray113121126 71797e
RHS 188B154Light Greenish Gray125134137 7d8689
RHS 188C154Light Greenish Gray146154159 929a9f
RHS 188D264Light Gray173170177 adaab1
RHS 189A137Dark Yellowish Green517051 334633
RHS 189B149Pale Green90117107 5a756b
RHS 189C149Pale Green132155145 849b91
RHS 189D148Very Pale Green164183178 a4b7b2
RHS 190A149Pale Green123141126 7b8d7e
RHS 190B149Pale Green147155148 939b94
RHS 190C154Light Greenish Gray165168167 a5a8a7
RHS 190D154Light Greenish Gray193194197 c1c2c5
RHS 191A122Grayish Yellowish Green809269 505c45
RHS 191B122Grayish Yellowish Green9811383 627153
RHS 191C264Light Gray147140151 938c97
RHS 191D154Light Greenish Gray165164154 a5a49a
RHS 192A121Pale Yellowish Green169178158 a9b29e
RHS 192B148Very Pale Green174186167 aebaa7
RHS 192C148Very Pale Green191201187 bfc9bb
RHS 192D153Greenish white204212205 ccd4cd
RHS 193A121Pale Yellowish Green160163129 a0a381
RHS 193B121Pale Yellowish Green170179148 aab394
RHS 193C121Pale Yellowish Green187192174 bbc0ae
RHS 193D121Pale Yellowish Green194195180 c2c3b4
RHS 194A122Grayish Yellowish Green11711990 75775a
RHS 194B122Grayish Yellowish Green13213297 848461
RHS 194C93Yellowish Gray159152146 9f9892
RHS 194D121Pale Yellowish Green177171151 b1ab97
RHS 195A109Light Grayish Olive12111483 797253
RHS 195B122Grayish Yellowish Green151143112 978f70
RHS 195C121Pale Yellowish Green177167142 b1a78e
RHS 195D121Pale Yellowish Green187178154 bbb29a
RHS 196A122Grayish Yellowish Green158153136 9e9988
RHS 196B121Pale Yellowish Green182169153 b6a999
RHS 196C121Pale Yellowish Green188182168 bcb6a8
RHS 196D92Yellowish white201193187 c9c1bb
RHS 197A112Light Olive Gray847356 544938
RHS 197B112Light Olive Gray988669 625645
RHS 197C109Light Grayish Olive12011491 78725b
RHS 197D122Grayish Yellowish Green149147129 959381
RHS 198A122Grayish Yellowish Green11110896 6f6c60
RHS 198B154Light Greenish Gray128126118 807e76
RHS 198C93Yellowish Gray140135129 8c8781
RHS 198D93Yellowish Gray166158159 a69e9f
RHS 199A95Moderate Olive Brown886030 583c1e
RHS 199B94Light Olive Brown1148350 725332
RHS 199C76Light Yellowish Brown1339565 855f41
RHS 199D91Dark Grayish Yellow14711485 937255
RHS 200A47Dark Grayish Reddish Brown352424 231818
RHS 200B46Grayish Reddish Brown452725 2d1b19
RHS 200C58Moderate Brown533126 351f1a
RHS 200D58Moderate Brown714131 47291f
RHS 201A63Light br Gray877170 574746
RHS 201B63Light br Gray1099292 6d5c5c
RHS 201C22rd Gray126105112 7e6970
RHS 201D10Pale Gray145124132 917c84
RHS 202A229Dark Grayish Purple242023 181417
RHS 202B265Medium Gray727179 48474f
RHS 202C155Greenish Gray116120127 74787f
RHS 202D154Light Greenish Gray180187195 b4bbc3
* Colors containing an R, G or B value of 0 or 255 can not be displayed accurately, and are flagged in the rightmost column.

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Updated July 12, 2007

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