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The current focus is on restoring the interactive pages of our previous website functionality.

February 2007 native azalea identifier PDF file added for download
December 2006 Seed Exchange pages added
March 2005 Pictures pages added, with azalea names and links to azalea pictures
May 2004 Azalea City certification page added
February 2004 Google™ site search added
January 2004 Main menu reorganized for clarity
October 2003 We began limited operation with a new Internet Service Provider. The interactive pages are temporarily gone, and the azaleas e-mail discussion group was moved from our website to Yahoo.
August 2003 Our webmaster went out of business after several months of reduced activity and increasing system downtime, which took our website down.
November 2001 Azalea Name Search, Azalea Landscape Search, Azalea Full Search page mockups added for public comment
Azalea Data Entry page mockup added for public comment
September 2001 Bylaws pages amended per vote of the members at the 2001 Convention
Online Store link and page replaced the Books and Back Issues pages
Conventions link and page replaced the 2001 Convention page
Membership History page added with members by year since 1990
December 2000 Bylaws link and pages added
November 2000 Printable page link added to text pages, to format them for printing without the sidebar/bottom links
September 2000 Roster custom output format added; azaleas propagation page added
August 2000 Sources, Links have some initial entries
Roster output formats added for mailing labels and all member information
Site Map, Frequently Asked Questions, What's New pages added
July 2000 Volunteers on board to maintain some of the chapter pages
May 2000 Gardens works
November 1999    Credit card payment works for Join Us, Renewal, Gifts
Ask Us works
October 1999 Roster search works
Gifts works
September 1999Change works
Renewal works
August 1999Join Us works
azalea database functional specification published
July 1999Archives supports attached .jpg, .gif, .txt files
June 1999draft site format established
Archives search works
Roster works; Sign In works
May 1999Archives works
April 1999azaleas.org domain name registered
March 1999ASA Board of Directors authorized and funded initial development of a website, and a website committee was established


The website design, functionality, and content are the responsibility of the ASA Website Committee, chaired by Bob Stelloh.

Updated February 2, 2007