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The Azalea Society welcomes membership by anyone interested in azaleas, from all cultures and disciplines. We invite those who wish to learn, and those who know and wish to share their knowledge. As described on our About Us page, the major benefit of membership is association with like-minded gardeners, along with a quarterly full-color journal The Azalean, and attendance at annual conventions and chapter meetings.

To apply for membership, download the application form, print and fill it out (or just write down the asked-for information), and mail it with your check payable to ASA in US dollars to:
Paul Beck, ASA Treasurer
2963 Fort Lee Street
Oak Hill VA 20171-1812
You may instead apply online without printing and mailing anything: use your credit card at PayPal to send your dues to dkrabill@gmail.com, and put your information into the e-mail that PayPal has you send with your payment.



As shown in the table below, we offer several levels of membership (
We publish your contact information in The Azalean journal and our membership Roster, both distributed only to our members. We may also publish your contact information in a password-protected online Roster available only to our members. If you check Private for your telephone number or e-mail address, we will use it only for official Azalea Society business and will not publish it anywhere.

name(s) and membership types

Our membership types are:
Individual for one person;
Joint for two persons living in the same household (put an ampersand (&) between your two names); or
Organization for a business or other organization (put the company name on the first line, and optionally put a person's name on the next line).

Each type of member pays the same dues, receives one copy of The Azalean and other printed materials, and is entitled to one vote for officers and other matters decided by vote of the membership.

Name(s) information is used as the first line of any member roster and mailing labels. You may also put other information to be used as the second name line, such as your nursery name.

mailing address

Complete these lines exactly as your mail is to be delivered:
- Street is printed after your name in your Roster information and on mailing labels;
- City, State (2 letter code) and Zip (full 5 digits, dash and 4 digits if known) is printed as the next line; and
- Country (if other than US) is printed as the last address line.

telephone number

Enter your area code and telephone number. It will appear in The Azalean and the member Roster unless you check the Private box.

e-mail address

Enter your complete e-mail address. It will appear in The Azalean and the member Roster unless you check the Private box. You may also enter your website URL, if any.

chapter affiliation

The dues amount includes both National membership and your membership in one chapter. Write in the name of the chapter you would like to join, which will put you on their mailing list for meeting notices and newletters. If you do not choose a chapter, we will list you as an At Large member.

Chapter Geographic Area Served
Alabamense Alabama
Ben Morrison Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware
Cape Fear eastern North and South Carolina
Central Carolina central North and South Carolina
Louisiana Louisiana
Lake Michigan Michigan, Indiana, Illinois
Northern Virginia Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland
Oconee Georgia
Southern California     Los Angeles CA
Texas Texas
Tri-State Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky
Vaseyi western North and South Carolina, Tennessee
At Large Worldwide (no newsletter or local meetings)
As a National member, you may also become an associate member of other chapters, for small additional fees (typically $5) determined by and payable directly to the chapters. The list of chapters shows contact information for each of the chapters.

membership year

Membership is for a full calendar year starting on January 1. Dues are not prorated. Instead, anyone joining before May 1 receives all previous issues of The Azalean for the year, while anyone joining after May 1 receives another year of membership.

membership level, years and dues amount*

Regular, Contributing, Supporting, Endowment) to simplify your providing extra support to the Azalea Society. Since the Azalea Society of America is a tax exempt 501(C)(3) organization, any amount above $30 for an annual membership is a charitable contribution under section 170 of the US Internal Revenue Code.

We also offer a $1 discount for each year paid in advance, up to $5 per year. That works well for you and for the Azalea Society because it reduces the costs of mailing notices and checks. Choose an entry from the appropriate table for the membership level, years and dues amount you would like. Each table includes the multi-year discounts.

Before you commit to a number of years, note that Individual and Joint members may become Regular members for life for a single payment of $600 (or $800 overseas). This is a real bargain, since at current interest rates your membership will cost you much less each year than the regular annual dues amount—for example, while $600 only earns $12 at 2% interest, by investing that $600 with the Azalea Society, that same $12 pays your $30 annual dues. If you prefer, you can pay six consecutive annual installments of $100 instead of one payment of $600.
domestic dues (US, Canada, Mexico) overseas dues - includes airmail postage
Years Regular Contribute Support Endow                 Years Regular Contribute Support Endow
1 $30 $50 $100 $200 1 $40 $50 $100 $200
2 $59 $99 $199 $399 2 $79 $99 $199 $399
3 $87 $147 $297 $597 3 $117 $147 $297 $597
4 $114 $194 $394 $794 4 $154 $194 $394 $794
5 $140 $240 $490 $990 5 $190 $240 $490 $990
6 $165 $285 $585 $1185 6 $225 $285 $585 $1185

* The dues schedule is established by the Board of Directors of the Azalea Society of America. While dues may be changed at any time, Life memberships and annual dues paid in advance are honored even if the dues are increased.

Updated January 31, 2014