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Seed Exchange

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The 2018 Seed Exchange is now open.

 contributing seed

Seed contributions will be accepted from ASA members and other sources throughout the year until December 31.

The seed from each plant should be described by the:

– contributor’s name
– seed parent name
– pollen parent name
– plant type (evergreen, deciduous, azaleodendron)
– pollination type (c.w., o.p., h.p.)
– where collected (geographic feature or town)
– notes

This information can be written on the seed envelopes, or we have a seed data form to describe the seed, as a short (4KB) PDF file to download and print.

If you have digital pictures of the parents, please e-mail them to Dave Banks with the name, date and location taken, for posting on the web linked to your seed.

Seed should be current years production and can be cleaned or not. Put the seed from one plant into one paper envelope with one completed form (or write the information on the envelope), and mail any number of these envelopes at once to

Lindy Johnson
843 Wallace Rd
Trade TN 37691

When we receive seed, it is cleaned as needed and distributed into #1 coin envelopes, and each lot of envelopes is assigned a number and stored until it is ordered.

 ordering seed

A notice is printed in the Fall issue of The Azalean that the seed list will be posted online on or about January 1st. The notice also gives the address to request a hard copy list of seed available.

The 2018 Seed Exchange is now open.

Seed is shown on the web on the 2018 seed list page, where it is listed alphabetically by seed parent name with the information provided by the seed contributor, including links to any pictures of the parent plants.

After January 1st seed is distributed to contributors and ASA members on a first come, first served basis. After April 1st seed is distributed to anyone on a first come, first served basis.

All seed is packaged in #1 coin envelopes, and costs $2.00 for approximately 50 seeds. Shipping and handling is an additional $3.00 for all the envelopes in one order. Orders can be placed by e-mail to Lindy Johnson or by a letter addressed to

Lindy Johnson
843 Wallace Rd
Trade TN 37691

All seed not distributed before the annual convention will be offered for sale there.

Seed orders can be paid for with a check made out to “ASA” with “seed exchange” on the memo line, or by a credit card payment through PayPal using the form on the Seed Exchange 2018 page.

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