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Azalea Groups

Total number of groups: [568]

When searching for a specific group, enter the first letter(s) of the name. All groups matching those first letter(s) will be displayed. To list only Legacy and/or Special groups, first check the Legacy and/or Groups checkbox(es).
Group Name:
Legacy Groups:   Special Groups:  

Name Plants Hybridizer Origin Special Legacy    
Fleischmann 12
Forbes 1
Forster 1
Fowle 1
Fowle introduction
Fox 1
Fraser 2
Frazer 6
Frei 5
Frisbie 3
From Ed Collins 1
Furman 6
Gable 84
Galle 7
Garrett 4
Garrett Rainbow 10
Gartrell 37
Gehnrich ARS President Bud Gehnrich on Long Isl...
Name Plants Hybridizer Origin Legacy