Azalea Database

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Total number of azaleas: [397]

Note: This help text disappears after the first search is executed.

A Work in Progress: This page is definitely a work in progress. We have just finished uploading the cultivar names from the old web site. Only ~1,500 out of the total ~11,000 cultivars have photos and descriptions. Filling this void will take time, and we desperately need some help. We hope to be able to automate to some degree the migration of photographs from our picture website on pbase. That effort will be ongoing in the near future. If that does not turn out to be feasible, the images will need to be extracted and uploaded manually. That will be a LOT of work. If you are willing to help with uploading descriptions or photographs, please contact Paul Beck for instructions.

Browsing: In you are interested in simply browsing through the database by cultivar name, click on one of the A B C D E F ... bookmarks above the search criteria. That will list all cultivars whose name starts with the selected letter. Once you have selected a bookmark, additional detailed bookmarks will appear to help you navigate through that portion of the alphabet. Those identify the first 3 letters of the first and last cultivar name displayed by clicking on that expanded bookmark.

Searching by Cultivar: You may enter some of the letters which start the cultivar name, and then press Enter or click the Submit button. All cultivars whose names start with the letters entered will be listed. Note that you should not enter the quotes that surround the cultivar name, or, in the case of Species, the R. that appears before the cultivar name. If you wish to search for a term anywhere in the cultivar name, precede the text with a percent sign (%). For example, if you enter %red in the cultivar search field, any plant with 'red' anywhere in the name will be returned.

Searching by Group: You may list all the plants in a group by selecting the group name from the Group pick list, and then click Submit. The number after the group name is the number of cultivars for that group in our database. Note that the Group may be combined with the other search terms to produce a more refined search result.

Searching by Type: Our database contains four types of azaleas: Azaleodendron, Deciduous, Evergreen, and Unknown. Definitions of the four types are listed below. The three letters enclosed in [ ] define the shorthand for the type used in the listing.

  • [az]aleo[d]endron – the plant is a hybrid of an azalea and a rhododendron (74)
  • [dec]iduous – the plant drops all its leaves during the winter (2615)
  • [ev]er[g]reen – the plant holds some of its leaves during the winter (8135)
  • [unk]nown – the plant is an azalea, with no other published information about its type or hybrid group (111)

Searching by Color: This is a multi-select pick list. Hold down the Ctrl key (Command on Mac) to select more than one color. Predominant colors for most cultivars have not yet been entered in our database, so this has limited utility at this time.

Searching by Bloom Time: This is a single select pick list. Again, many cultivars do not have bloom time set, so this will only return a small number of the potential cultivars.

Reference Column: The Ref column title is linked to a document which explains the entries in that column. This column indicates the original source of the information regarding the cultivar & group. You may also click here for that document.

Problems?: If you encounter any problems with this page, please contact Paul Beck for assistance and problem correction.

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Cultivar: Group: Type: Color: Bloom Time:

Cultivar Group Ref Type Color Bloom Time
‘E. Cuthbert’ Mollis Galle87 dec
‘E. H. Brandt’ Indian IRRC04 evg
‘E. H. Wilson’ Chisolm-Merritt Galle85 evg
E6G Gable Tingle57 evg
‘Eagle Heart’ Chisolm-Merritt Galle85 evg
‘Earl of Carnarvon’ Unknown IRRC04 dec
‘Earl Webster’
Schroeder Galle87 evg
‘Earl's Angel’ Sommerville dec
‘Earl's Gold’ Sommerville dec
‘Earl's Gold’ Sommerville RareFind04 dec
‘Early Beni’ Robin Hill Galle85 evg Early Midseason
‘Early Bright’ Satsuki Galle85 evg
‘Early Dawn’ Amoena Galle85 evg
‘Early Erroll’
'Early Errol'
Carlson Carlson92 evg
‘Early Lavender’ Southern Indian Galle85 evg
‘Early On’ Kaempferi Galle87 evg
‘Early Orange’ Mollis Galle85 dec
‘Early Peach’ Unknown IRRC04 unk
‘Early Splendour’
'Early Splendor'
Indian IRRC04 evg
‘Early Wonder’ Rutherford Galle85 evg
‘Easley Sky Blue’ Transplant Creel04 evg
‘Easley Sky Blue’ Beasley evg Lavendar
‘Easter Album’ Indian IRRC04 evg
‘Easter Bonnet’ Mossholder-Bristow Galle85 evg
‘Easter Greetings’
'Lentegroet', 'Lentegruss', 'Letegruss', 'Salut Printemps'
Belgian Indian Galle85 evg
‘Easter Morn’ Aichele evg
‘Easter Parade’ Mossholder-Bristow Galle85 evg
‘Easter Parade’ Gold Cup evg White,Pink,Yellow
‘Easter Parade Sport’ Mossholder-Bristow Sanborn01 evg
‘Easter Rose’ Indian IRRC04 evg
‘Easter Tide’
Pericat IRRC04 evg
‘Easter White’ Indian IRRC04 evg
‘Eastern Fire’ Kaempferi Galle85 evg
‘Eastern Prince’ Indian IRRC04 evg
R. eastmanii
May White Azalea
Species dec Midseason
‘Ebino’ Kuwano IRRC04 evg
‘Eborinum Plenum’
'Eborina Plena', 'Ebornia Plena'
Indian IRRC04 evg
'Ebutrneum Flavescens'
Ghent IRRC04 dec
‘Echo’ Glenn Dale Galle85 evg Pink-Dark Early
‘Echoes of Spring’ Carlson IRRC04 dec
‘Echoes of You’ Carlson IRRC04 dec
‘Eclair’ Steyaert IRRC04 evg
‘Eclaireur’ Belgian Indian Galle85 evg
‘Eclatant’ Indian IRRC04 evg
‘Eclatant’ Mollis IRRC04 dec
‘Eclatant’ Vervaene IRRC04 evg
‘Ecstasy’ Kurume Galle85 evg
‘Ed Howard’ Pride Galle85 evg
‘Ed Lasker’ Indian IRRC04 evg
‘Ed Stephens’ Sommerville dec Red
Cultivar Group Ref Type Color Bloom Time